Why can’t a Browser run Python Instead?

Brython supports most of the syntax of Python 3, including comprehensions, generators, metaclasses, imports, etc. and many modules of the CPython distribution.   It includes libraries to interact with DOM elements and events, and with existing Javascript libraries such as jQuery, 3D, Highcharts, Raphael etc. It supports lastest specs of HTML5/CSS3, and can use CSS… Read More »


Be Mindful. Pluto Live in July! How Close Will We Be?

The structure of Pluto is not very well understood at present. Nevertheless, spectroscopic observation from Earth in the 1970s has revealed that the planet surface is covered with methane ice. Surface temperature is -230 degrees C, and the frozen methane exhibits a bright coloration. However, with the exception of the polar caps, the frozen methane… Read More »

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: SuperMoons 2014 Photographs

Curated from Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: SuperMoons 2014 Photographs New Horizons is now deep in the encounter, and already seeing just how interesting Pluto and Charon promise to be. Mission PI Alan Stern writes that there’s only one Pluto flyby planned in all of history,…   Curated from New Horizons  

Jim Cowart

Just starting to Beta my web app “Fish-Machina” which uses Jim Cowart ‘s machina.js, a Finite State Machine (FSM). And just saw that this month Jim Cowart has an article in Smashing Magazine, “Qualities of Good Flux Implementations“ Curated from Jim Cowart  

marketing_one a house in decline

 marketing_one  a house in decline     [!!!ACTION ITEM!!!](http://SHORT_URL.ly?desc=placeholder now taking you through an analytics site and then to an article at a third-party site.) *.AKA Next Week. marketing_one is raptor the new wolf?  

SaaS Shopping List

Code inComplete – SaaS Shopping List I wanted to also take a moment to recognize the growing number of 3rd party SaaS vendors we depend on in order to build out our own platform, and the increasing amount of time we must spend on evaluating and integrating all of these pieces into a (hopefully) cohesive… Read More »