Actionable Business Intelligence

Xirrus WiFi Arrays  circa 2011



Business Intelligence embedded in the Network Management System


Developed dashboard and reports for JavaEE Network Management System. Extensive amount of data collected for campus or community-wide WiFi Array deployments, with each Array having multiple Access Points.

Embedded JasperReports Library. Data source was mySQL.

Software Engineering approach taken: imposed module report development with structured APIs, allowing for reuse of code as well as concurrent development at different layers.

iReport used to develop jsxml with Groovy for custom scripting. jFreeChart extensively used.


Virtual Environments with Interactive Visualizations


I created a virtual, interactive visualization for the WiFi ecosystem. GeoVisualization was used for campus-wide coordination. Blueprints were the base for distinct functional layers. The Array Configuration Layer presented repositionable and immediately configurable devices. The Array Monitoring Layer allowed an immediate assessment of deployed devices. The Heat-Map Layer calculated antenna-strength and depicted adjustments within the device, for deployment planning and calibration.

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