Monthly Archives: June 2012

Free Online File Converter

Instead of firing-up Photoshop to change a GIF to a PNG, or to resize an image, I’ve taken to

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‘s web site.

This is a great productivity tool for:

  • Audio conversion
  • Video conversion
  • Image conversion
  • Document conversion
  • Ebook conversion
  • Archive conversion
  • Hash generation

I can even convert and download an image from the web by specifying its URL. Too easy.

Note that the terms of use include “…  the Customer grants the Provider a right of use of the file, unlimited by time or space. ”

Usually these kind of sites gather data for marketing purposes. But be wise and don’t upload files with personal information such as your credit card number.

Kudos to QaamGo Media UG and Jens-Peter Bierkandt for this one.

Neo4j Graph Database and Visual Software Engineering

Visual Software Pieces

After surveying a number of NoSQL technologies, I’ve opted to back my project with Neo4j.  It is a good fit with my world view, a world I see as a collection of amorphous objects connected by links with patterns often, as yet, undiscovered.

In addition, I am a very visual thinker (and used to be surprised that a lot of programmers are not), and of course graphs lend themselves very easily to visualization.

In terms of big data, graphs can lend a certain transparency, by virtue of adjunct visualization, to the organization of the data. Imagine what you can do with the capability of visualizing every step of data processing.

I believe that with data visualization, along with the modern programming techniques that Ruby and Ruby on Rails has main-streamed (e.g. declarative programming (e.g. CSS3)), a complete tool-set exists for creating truly visual software engineering and processing environments.

Installing the Neo4j Plugin for the SpringSource Tool: Not Entirely Automatic

Following the Stefen Armbruster’s first instructions for Getting Started for the Neo4j plugin in my SST was not enough to get the plugin to run. I got a ClassNotFoundException, with the trace below.

The grails-app/conf/DataSource.groovy file had to be manually updated with the code below, as indicated in Armbruster’s Advanced Configuration section.