Monthly Archives: January 2010

What Makes a Useful and Compelling 3D UI?

I’ve been looking for a compelling 3D interface that would convince me that, in the future, users will be using 3D UIs as second-nature, the way we now fill out on-screen forms or page through browsers without suffering technological confusion or brain freeze. Or the way a gamer can run and explore and shoot, first-person, through a maze.

Most are too cartoonish and clunky to give credibility. Or they’re just hangings of the familiar 2D items in 3D space, although that has its merits.

Most of the problems with quality can be blamed on a lack of graphics processing power to date. But let’s say that is not an issue. Let’s say our devices are so advanced that we can render Toy Story from data in real-time on our Android. Now, what would be the shape and the affordances of a 3D interface?