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It’s Promises, All the Way Down

I’ve been working with AngularJS and using its Promises for a while now. I tend to think of a Promise as an IOU that Angular hands me. No…  more as an empty box for data that Angular has yet to retrieve. Often the data must be retrieved from the Internet, or a database, or some… Read More »

Underscore.js Signifies the Modern Web

_Any programmer doing heavy-duty JavaScript coding will have discovered underscore.js by now. Whenever I create a block of code and think that there’s got to be a more elegant way, I find that underscore has the utility. I still find myself surprised and delighted when I discover yet another, needed function on that list that I had overlooked… Read More »

A Fix to SAXReaderNotAvailable on Python

Needing a SOAP client, to run on the Bitnami Node.js Stack on Amazon, I could not find a mature and easy-to-use JavaScript library. I chose to use Python and Suds. It was a pleasure to find Python 2.7 already installed with the stack.  But after installing Suds and trying to run some scripts developed on a Windows… Read More »

Best. Bootstrap 3. Template. Ever.

I already see an uprising against the antiseptic conformity of Bootstrap 3 — as delivered — and it comes from the past. The great GeoCities was resurrected, if only in spirit, by DivShot, with their Geo for Bootstrap  template. An April Fool’s joke (2013), it serves to remind us of less-simpler times, but times that were no… Read More »

Undo: Essential for User Experience Design

The computer is the only machine in history to be able to reverse time.  Other machines can mow, shred, hoe, plant, reap, mold, lathe, copy, stitch, glue.  But none can Undo. And Undo is a transformative distinction. Undo allows you to start over again.  To remove regrets. To feel and retain the pains and joys… Read More »

Free Online File Converter

Instead of firing-up Photoshop to change a GIF to a PNG, or to resize an image, I’ve taken to buy kamagra online ‘s web site. This is a great productivity tool for: Audio conversion Video conversion Image conversion Document conversion Ebook conversion Archive conversion Hash generation I can even convert and download an image from… Read More »

Neo4j Graph Database and Visual Software Engineering

After surveying a number of NoSQL technologies, I’ve opted to back my project with Neo4j.  It is a good fit with my world view, a world I see as a collection of amorphous objects connected by links with patterns often, as yet, undiscovered. In addition, I am a very visual thinker (and used to be… Read More »