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Web-developer’s notes

Mobile App with Ionic, ES6, AngularJS 1.4 While the world is awaiting for Ionic 2 based on Angular 2, I’m going to show you how to use little bit less bleeding edge technologies, but existing and working already today and still much more exciting than old ES5. Really, when you try arrow functions, you won’t… Read More »

A Pragmatic Quick Reference

A Pragmatic Quick Reference. Jeff Atwood Care About Your Craft Why spend your life developing software unless you care about doing it well? Think! About Your Work Turn off the autopilot and take control. Constantly critique and appraise your work. Provide Options, Don’t Make Lame Excuses Instead of excuses, provide options. Don’t say it can’t… Read More »

DevOps in 2015 – Beyond Basic Metrics – CodeProject

DevOps has quickly become the buzzword du jour for the software industry and promotes something that many developers and IT Administrators don’t enjoy: collaboration. According to Wikipedia, “DevOps acknowledges the interdependence of software development, quality assurance, and IT operations“. By having all three arms of a technology department collaborating, software products and services can be… Read More »

Read “Understanding ECMAScript 6” from Leanpub

ECMAScript 6 reached feature complete status in 2014. The features vary widely from completely new objects and patterns to syntax changes to new methods on existing objects. The exciting thing about ECMAScript 6 is that all of these changes are geared towards problems that developers are actually facing. And while it will still take time… Read More »

Eskimo – Node Boilerplate Framework for Rapid MVP’s

@niftylettuce – Eskimo – Node Boilerplate Framework for Rapid MVP’s   August 2014 Introducing Eskimo If an eskimo builds an igloo, and an igloo is a structure made up of individual building blocks, then eskimo is a command line interface (“CLI”) used for building an igloo. Eskimo is a new Node.js boilerplate for building Rapid… Read More »