Neo4j Graph Database and Visual Software Engineering

By | 2012-06-04

Visual Software Pieces

After surveying a number of NoSQL technologies, I’ve opted to back my project with Neo4j.  It is a good fit with my world view, a world I see as a collection of amorphous objects connected by links with patterns often, as yet, undiscovered.

In addition, I am a very visual thinker (and used to be surprised that a lot of programmers are not), and of course graphs lend themselves very easily to visualization.

In terms of big data, graphs can lend a certain transparency, by virtue of adjunct visualization, to the organization of the data. Imagine what you can do with the capability of visualizing every step of data processing.

I believe that with data visualization, along with the modern programming techniques that Ruby and Ruby on Rails has main-streamed (e.g. declarative programming (e.g. CSS3)), a complete tool-set exists for creating truly visual software engineering and processing environments.

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