A Fix to SAXReaderNotAvailable on Python

By | 2013-11-01

Python SOAP. Using the Suds client.

Needing a SOAP client, to run on the Bitnami Node.js Stack on Amazon, I could not find a mature and easy-to-use JavaScript library. I chose to use Python and Suds.

It was a pleasure to find Python 2.7 already installed with the stack.  But after installing Suds and trying to run some scripts developed on a Windows platform, I got the “SAXReaderNotAvailable” error:

Through the usual Google-search-led trial-and-error process I found the following fix: directly install PyXML.  (Thanks to TheRosiek.com.)

A “PyXML ” Google search suggests that it has been discontinued for more than half a decade, but it is being updated and it is what is working for me right now.

I’d love to hear about any alternatives to PyXML.



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