Underscore.js Signifies the Modern Web

By | 2013-11-06

_Any programmer doing heavy-duty JavaScript coding will have discovered underscore.js by now.

Whenever I create a block of code and think that there’s got to be a more elegant way, I find that underscore has the utility. I still find myself surprised and delighted when I discover yet another, needed function on that list that I had overlooked before.

Underscore’s web site itself is a case-study on the best of the Modern Web.  With the list of  Undercore’s “80-odd” functions running down the left-hand side — an easy visual scan — the landing page is focussed on matching the programmer with the sought-after utility in record time.

The functions themselves represent the difference between where the JavaScript language left off and where concepts in modern programming are today. “Map-reduce”, “Array-like objects”, “Functional programming”; these are just of the few categories that Underscore addresses.


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