IBM’s Codename: BlueMix – Part ‘Bitnami’, Part ‘Google Apps’, Part ‘Yeoman’, Part ‘Apigee’, Mostly ‘Things’

By | 2014-05-09

images (45)I started playing with IBM’s Codename: BlueMix, thinking it was along the lines of AWS or Azure.  But it seems to want to be at an abstraction above all that. More of a Google Apps for mashups, with a Binami-like selection of service components, and Yeoman-like framework generation.

This led me to discover Node-RED, one of BlueMix’s featured app templates.  Here, there is a claim on the Internet of Things space, supplying a visual routing of data through hardware, apps, services, deployment systems — whatever can be called a ‘Thing’ and can connect to the Internet.   Temboo seems to be based on Node-Red and provides a library of these Things, with only the ‘what’ inputs/outputs/configuration exposed and the ‘how’ pretty much black-boxed for your convenience.

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