Top 3 Executive Summaries: How Twitter Works

By | 2014-05-13

Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svgThere are technologies I sometimes purposely avoid working with because, knowing myself, I’ll want to learn more and more and I’ll download, install, and play with all the libraries and frameworks and I’ll Google all the major contributors and check out their other GitHub repositories and maybe contribute an open-source thing-that-hasn’t-been-done-with-it-yet and generally spend a long and furious and obsessive amount of time on something that won’t immediately help pay the mortgage.

Twitter was one of these

But recent projects required working with the Twitter Platform and I needed to know what I didn’t know. Curated list follows:

1. Jessica Hische’s patient and easy walkthrough by example of the twitter protocol. It’ll make some sense after reading this.

2. Explania’s great 3-minute animated tutorial:

3. For the executive who needs at least to recognize the buzzwords, so he can nod in understanding at the appropriate times during the developers’ stand-ups:

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