By | 2014-05-13

scotch-glassSometimes you run across someone who completely inhabits your own world view. He completely gets you. Knows where you’re coming from. Knows where you’ve been. He brings a warm, familiar, and happy feeling, like a country song that ends well.

Scotch.IO, the web site, is like that for me.

Scotch.IO is the site of a design and development firm out of Las Vegas and D.C.

What completely wins me over — and this is key — is that Scotch.IO loves to share. It shows me what’s new. It shows me how to do things. Scotch.IO makes me a better person.  The site is about  tips and tutorials biased toward around the MEAN stack and modern Web development tools and techniques and everything I, myself, hold dear.

The content is all original, but it’s all so consistently excellent and on the mark that it seems curated. The perfect web site for me. I’m in love.

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