Google Cloud Platform changes the way applications understand images

…developers can now build powerful applications that can see, and more importantly understand, the content of images. The uses of Cloud Vision API are game changing to developers of all types of applications…   Curated from Google Cloud Platform Blog: Google Cloud Vision API changes the way applications understand images   “ We have drones… Read More »


Video files in Google Drive – Drive Help

  Images, videos, and other file types Video files in Google Drive Add caption tracks to your video files View images, videos, documents, and other files Host web pages with Google Drive   Curated from Video files in Google Drive – Drive Help  


audio – Why aren’t active headphones equalized to a flat frequency response? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Of all the components in the electroacoustic transmission chain, headphones are the most controversial. High fidelity in its true sense, involving not only timbre but also spatial localization, is associated more with loudspeaker stereophony due to the well-known in-head localization of headphones. And yet binaural recordings with a dummy head, which are the most promising… Read More »


I was introduced to the whole concept of remixes via an album of just Depeche Mode – Behind The Wheel tracks. An outstanding memory from  my life is of driving home with a friend from college, six hours from Pittsburgh to New Jersey, the two of us listening to one outstanding mix of Drive after another,… Read More »

Holomorphic Functions

In mathematics, holomorphic functions are the central objects of study in complex analysis. A holomorphic function is a complex-valued function of one or more complex variables that is complex differentiable in a neighborhood of every point in its domain. The existence of a complex derivative in a neighborhood is a very strong condition, for it… Read More »


ffmpeg for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – Francesco Corti

To install ffmpeg on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS you have simply to open a terminal and execute the commands described below.

Curated from ffmpeg for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (mandatory for Alfresco) – Francesco Corti

The Two Pillars of JavaScript — JavaScript Scene — Medium

I’ve found that articulating my disdain for classical object-oriented inheritance models after a decade of experience does not sit well with the typical interviewer, whose questions seem to come from the top three links of a Google search. Eric Elliott (pictured) serves up some provocative reasoning about classical OO within Javascript at the link below. He ends up promoting his Stampit… Read More »