I was introduced to the whole concept of remixes via an album of just Depeche Mode – Behind The Wheel tracks. An outstanding memory from  my life is of driving home with a friend from college, six hours from Pittsburgh to New Jersey, the two of us listening to one outstanding mix of Drive after another,… Read More »

Holomorphic Functions

In mathematics, holomorphic functions are the central objects of study in complex analysis. A holomorphic function is a complex-valued function of one or more complex variables that is complex differentiable in a neighborhood of every point in its domain. The existence of a complex derivative in a neighborhood is a very strong condition, for it… Read More »


ffmpeg for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – Francesco Corti

To install ffmpeg on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS you have simply to open a terminal and execute the commands described below.

Curated from ffmpeg for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (mandatory for Alfresco) – Francesco Corti

The Two Pillars of JavaScript — JavaScript Scene — Medium

I’ve found that articulating my disdain for classical object-oriented inheritance models after a decade of experience does not sit well with the typical interviewer, whose questions seem to come from the top three links of a Google search. Eric Elliott (pictured) serves up some provocative reasoning about classical OO within Javascript at the link below. He ends up promoting his Stampit… Read More »

How to GET a Cup of Coffee

In this article, Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidis and Ian Robinson show how to drive an application’s flow through the use of hypermedia in a RESTful application, using the well-known example from Gregor Hohpe’s “Starbucks does not use Two-Phase-Commit” to illustrate how the Web’s concepts can be used for integration purposes. Source: How to GET a… Read More »

Netflix’s Falcor makes Data Fetching as Simple as Simple Can Be

Netflix’s Falcor Handles Data Transport and Caching From Source to Destination Falcor gives you a model you can treat as a reliable, in-memory local cache of remote data. All the heavy-lifting is done for you. The mechanics of retrieving, caching, batching requests, and removing duplicate requests between client caches and server databases is done without… Read More »


Executive Summary: Redis

One can hold out from having Redis in the stack for a while, but its use becomes obvious and necessary in the face of real-time and scalability requirements. Executive Summary Top 5 Redis Use Cases by Joe Engel for Rackspace summarizes the original classes of problems solved by Redis for the last half-decade. Why the Redis Ecosystem is Flourishing by Mark Boyd is an… Read More »